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Jayapriya Grama Valarchi Nidhi Limited

We abide by all necessary operating standards, including those relating to capital adequacy, the statutory liquidity ratio, asset classification, and income recognition etc. We provide comparatively high rates of interest to our members on their savings deposits, fixed deposits, cumulative deposits, recurring deposits, and so on. We can lend only against the security of gold, against our fixed deposits, LIC policies, government securities/bonds, and property mortgage loans.


There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs.

Lion C. Rajagopalan

Founder and Chairman
Jayapriya Group of Companies


Great Minds Discuss Ideas, Average Minds Discuss Events, Small Minds Discuss People.

Mr.C R Jayasankar MBA

Managing Director
Jayapriya Group of Companies

Why Choose Jayapriya Grama Valarchi Nidhi?

Trusted Financial Service

We believe the fundamental honesty is the keystone of our business.

Satisfied Customers

Aims to 100% customer satisfaction and building customer loyalty

Best Loan Portfolio

Our system is one of the best and highly recommendable to the members.


Wide spread network throughout Tamil Nadu

Jayapriya Legacy

Designed to make your life easier and to help you thrive and prosper financially.


We are incredibly dedicated to social responsibility

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